3 Qualities a Successful Virtual Assistant Should Have

Before the integration of technology in modern administration, assistants were only a common luxury to high-ranking executives or business owners. Today, most entrepreneurs and employees can hire their own assistants for any task of their choosing—because of the rise of virtual assistants. Virtual assistants are starting to change the approach of the business industry both corporately and in the freelance marketplace. Before hiring one, take a closer look at what key qualities should a virtual assistant have.

A good listener. It is believed that listening is done better than talking. It can also build respect and trust between two parties. Hiring a VA who has this quality can help drive your business into success. They are very good at knowing the difference between your wants and needs which can help you balance the things that should be prioritized. If you want to build rapport with your prospects and generate leads at the same time, consider a virtual assistant who has this quality.

Well-organized. Virtual assistants tend to juggle their work which often can result to multitasking. But thanks to modern technology, organizing is made easier with the help of creative online tools and apps such as Hootsuite, Google Calendar, Google Keep, etc. Others still prefer the traditional way which involves utilizing a pen and paper to record their tasks and to keep track of their schedule. Whatever method is used, when your VA is a master organizer, your business operations will go smoothly.

Open for improvement. The opportunities to improve and discover new ideas are endless. Hire a virtual assistant who is willing to adapt and learn new procedures even if they are experienced in their respective field. Virtual assistants who are open for improvement are usually the ones who are keen and very passionate about their work. Find yourself a VA who is willing to go the extra mile for your business.

We, at OneVirtual Global Business Solutions, are confident that our virtual assistants possess these qualities. We make sure that they are attentive, passionate, and eager to be of service to produce the best quality of work to our clients. Moreover, we always prioritize and value productivity, leverage your business, and enhance your business growth.

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A BS Computer Science student at West Visayas State University. Currently a student intern at OneVirtual Global Business Solutions.

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