A virtual assistant provides technical and administrative tasks to big and small business owners remotely from a home office. Virtual Assistance is a broad scope of work; you can surely find someone skilled to perform the tasks of a regular office worker. A VA can offer different services as you wish they may that fits perfectly for the kind of work that your business needs. And because they work virtually, clients are not experiencing the hassle of providing an office space and purchasing equipment and supplies for their operation.

One great thing about having a Virtual Assistant is that the tasks could be done at the end of the day without spending too much. You can hire someone offshore that works in the comfort of their own homes. A home-based Virtual Assistant is an independent worker who does tasks like your regular office staff, however; you can’t be so sure if work is done in a timely manner because you can’t see the actual work in progress physically, they work in a virtual office and they manage their own time. The only assurance you have that your VA is making worth of their hourly rate is when results are delivered. You’ll be lucky if you can get someone that can be trusted and does things you require without having to worry about supervising them or getting them monitored.

That is where OneVirtual Global Business Solutions comes in. We hire Virtual Assistants who can work in our facility, report to work full-time daily on schedule. They are monitored to ensure that the tasks are completed at the end of the day because we understand that every single task could impact every business Big Time. We provide the necessary equipment such as computers, software tools you require, internet connection and uninterrupted power supply to ensure that there won’t be excuses for unfinished work.

A Home-based Virtual Assistant works alone. They’ve got no one to turn to during downtimes and power outages, no one to be there instantly to troubleshoot important tools required to complete a task, and most of all, no one to provide proper one-on-one training to complete the task precisely as required. With OneVirtual Global Solutions’ In-house Virtual Assistants, we ensure a fully equipped facility and an ideal working environment to perform certain tasks like making a phone call without unnecessary background noise, totally different from a situation at home where the VA might be distracted by family members or loud neighbors.

In contrast, there is a big difference in hiring an in-house Virtual Assistant from OneVirtual Global Solutions than hiring a home-based VA. At our company, we ensure quality of work and scheduled compliance of each task by using the most updated and advanced software and technology. So if you’re interested to hire your own Virtual Assistant, grab your phones or communicate online now and get connected to OneVirtual Global Solutions, your one-stop shop to success.

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