3 Things That Make a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Proactive, dependable, effective and efficient, they are simply the “clean-up-crew” of the toxic real estate community. They are sometimes called the “super staff”. They are the “go-to” guys when a real estate agent’s system of order goes haywire. No matter how hard the job is, no matter how daunting the tasks are, they always get the job done. But what exactly are the prerequisites in order for one to be worthy of being called a legitimate real estate virtual assistant?


The real estate industry is a restless world. With real estate agents being on-call 24/7, they are constantly on the move. Thus, their virtual assistant is also not foreign to graveyard schedules, shifting schedules and of course, overtime.A whacked-up body clock allows a real estate virtual assistant’s system to be in sync with the schedule of their client whose location is 8,207 miles away and 13 or more hours ahead of them. It also constitutes to a broken meal schedule, a disoriented leisure time and a messed up love life. Well, you can’t have everything anyway, so why fret?


The graveyard shift can often take its toll. While most real estate virtual assistants are already accustomed to sleeping during the day and working at night, some still find rest and sleep very elusive. A cup of potent coffee is a sure way to keep a virtual assistant alive, alert and enthusiastic. Coffee is a natural anti-oxidant that is a proven fat-burner. It helps inhibit diabetes, alzheimer’s and parkinson’s disease. It also helps keep the liver healthy so it’s definitely healthy and beneficial. As a matter of fact, a cup of coffee can prove to be a VA’s most reliable drug in order to stay productive.


We can trace it down to history or even blame it on the immense popularity of western pop-culture, but there’s no denying that virtual assistants, especially those from the Philippines, have taken the second language and mastered it. This upgrading was caused by the length of time that they are exposed in chattering, chatting, bickering, flirting and rebutting with Americans over the phone that even in their dreams, their pronunciation, enunciation, syllabication, and diction including intonation, is undoubtedly westernized…but, grammatically correct. Undoubtedly, language and communication is a real estate virtual assistant’s main tool of trade.

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